About Us

No Toxins, No Chemicals, No Fillers​

Just pure, natural, nourishing ingredients​

Each of these personal care items are designed and handcrafted with love by our founder Jasmine.  She grew up with overly sensitive skin, reacting poorly to most skincare products.  After searching, trying a myriad of products, and not finding any that worked for her skin, she set out to create her own.  Using only pure, natural, nourishing ingredients, she found success.  Her skin’s inflammation calmed down and her acne and eczema began to heal.

Friends and family began using the products as well.  As popularity of these nourishing products has grown, her best friend Lindsay has joined her team to bring even more expertise and craftmanship.

Each ingredient used has been carefully sourced to be of highest quality and effectiveness.  All ingredients are listed on the product description, so you know exactly what is going on your skin. They are designed especially for those of you with sensitive skin (eczema, rosacea, acne, inflammation, dryness, etc).  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at support@lovableorganics.com.

We are also happy to adjust any of our recipes and make a custom blend for you.

Love and nourish your skin