Glass Baby Feeding Bottles with Protective Anti-slip Cover

Glass Baby Feeding Bottles with Protective Anti-slip Cover
Why should you choose glass bottles for your baby?
Plastic bottles contain chemicals such as bisphenols and phthalates.
Glass has a surface that is non-porous (unlike plastic) and therefore easier to clean and keep sanitized.  You can safely wash in high temperatures like your dishwasher or sanitize by boiling.  Also, because glass is non-porous, food and drink tastes better because it does not absorb the smells from food.  It will remain fresh.  Lastly, glass is better for the environment.  When your baby outgrows bottles you can safely sanitize and pass on to another baby or you can easily recycle them.

Material: Glass
Material Feature: Latex Free,Nitrosamine Free,Phthalate Free,BPA Free,PVC Free
Shape: Arc Type
Mouth Size: Wide Mouth
Capacity: 180ml and 300ml
Handle: Yes
Packaging: Single loaded
Flow Velocity: Medium Flow
Type: Baby Bottle


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blue 300ml

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